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Below are testimonials about Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez. Only the initials are used in some cases, and in other cases no identifying information is provided. Due to some of the private and sensitive information that is shared, we give our clients the opportunity to provide a testimonial from a place of comfort, ease and privacy.  Additional testimonials are available at her coach training company http://www.thecaseinstitute.com/lifecoachtestimonials.html


Testimonials from the International Coaching Summit (Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez was a speaker/instructor):

"Thought you were great at the summit. I took your class. Thanks again"

 Sharon Allen


"Awesome class it is just what I need. I will implement one thing today that you shared, and apply it to my life." Thank you for giving of yourself it was greatly appreciated."

Tracy Watson



VIP Day Client:

"I have had this dream stuck in my mind for a long time, and too be honest, I felt like I was just too old to achieve it. I enjoy my career, but I know there is more I should be doing in life. But I didn't understand that I had some "internal junk" stopping me from moving forward.

I love how Dr. Shauntel has a gift to help you see the future from a now perspective. She is blessed to help you overcome adversity. She is very professional and caring. She was  not only able to help me see what has been stopping me from moving forward, but I now have a workable plan to be where I desire to be. I have no doubt that the VIP Day has been one of the best investments I have ever made!"




Private Coaching Clients:

"It is hard when you don't have a lot of people who believe in your dream. But I now feel more motivated than ever. I have learned from Dr. Shauntel, it doesn't matter who doesn't believe in me, as long as I believe in myself. Thank you Dr. Shauntel. You have changed my mindset and my life."



"I didn't realize how much what people have told me in the past was affecting on my confidence and self-esteem. I have let the wrong way of thinking hold me back for way too long. I feel happier just knowing that God still has a good plan for my life. "




Article Reader:

"Dr. Shauntel, thank you for giving me the okay to print off the article. Just from reading the article I have made changes in my life. So I know when I am blessed to work with you, I am going to have even bigger changes happen in my life. I am ready to be do more with my life. Thank you for the encouragement."




All of the below events were sold out. 


The "Coaching, Coffeee and Life Conversations" Gathering (Held at Hampton Inn, in Anderson, Indiana).

The identification of participants has been kept confidential.

"I didn't know all of the blocks that were robbing me of my dreams, but now that I do. I am going to continue to break through them!"


"This program changed my life . I needed it so bad, and I will never be the same!"


"It felt so powerful to get some clarity and direction on my dreams. Sometimes it is just knowing where to start."


"It was so enlighting to see all of the blocks that have been standing in my way. It was actually shocking, but now that I have iderntified them, I am equipped to conquer them!"


"The way things were explained was in a simple but powerful way."


"You have what it takes to help women get from where they are at to where they desire to be!"


"Every woman who has a dream needs to experience this!"


"I promise myself that I will not be at the same place next week that I am at today. I am making a committment to conquer my dreams!"


"Sometimes you really don't know all of the stuff that is stuck in your mind that is holding you back. But after today I know about those things and how to identify them, recognize them and be aware of them., and I also know how to move forward!"


"The dream that I have had stuck in my head will now become reality!"


"This is something that will not only help us as women, but it will also help us to help our daughters, nieces, and other young girls!"


"From this day on nothing is stopping me from achieving my dream. I want to live a happy and fulfilled life."




Women's Empowerment Coaching Seminar/Workshop Testimonials (Held at Anderson University):

 This is only a small representation of all of the testimonials that were received.


"This seminar touched me in a special way! It made me realize that whatever my goals and dreams are not to give up, but to believe in them. I feel so inspired to make great things happen in my life. Shauntel is a world changer. She truly cares about helping other women be successful!"



"I just wanted to say that this was the best motivational seminar I had ever been to in my life. This has given me dreams and hope that I can do anything, I set my mind to do! I have had so many let downs in my life, but listening to you let me know that there is nothing that I can't do! There is nothing in life that God and I can't handle. Thank you!"



"After today's experience, it has encouraged me to want to live the best life that I can possibly live."



"You are the voice for today's women young and old. Revealing to us it's never to late to reach our goals and dreams was awesome! You are a great motivator!"



"After the session I can't believe how empowered I feel. I am glad that my friend told me about this seminar. I feel that I am walking away from this a better person."



"Shauntel delivered clear, tangible steps on how to achieve goals and break through obstacles that hold us back."



"Shauntel is an inspiration to all women. Her positive energy and spirit shines with each step she makes toward her journey in telling her story."




Feedback from the Women of Purpose (WOPP) Party, Held at the Event Center at Davis Park (Anderson, Indiana):

This is only a small representation of all of the positive feedback that was received.


"You have so much energy, excitement and passion. You sure got me fired up for success!"

"I will not give up on my dreams. Thanks to some things that you said today."

"You are an awesome woman of faith. Please don't stop doing the work of God. He is using you in a mighty way."

"I couldn't hold back the tears. This really touched home."

"Thank you for helping me to realize I do have purpose."

"This was very inspirational."

"I loved hearing your personal stories."

"You are a great speaker. All I can say is wow!"

"I came and didn't really know what to expect. And I am leaving feeling like a new woman!"

"Thank you for all of the priceless information, and for the tips we can continue to use at home